Burying myself in work

It’s felt nice to bury myself in work from time to time lately. 

I just sit in front of my computer and create. I’ve been a bit all over the board as far as what I’ve been working on, but I have at least been productive. I’m looking forward to this week in some ways because of it. Sure, it’ll be at least a billion degrees below zero but that traps me inside and forces me to just create apps.

I was also thinking about how this app I’m preparing an update for was actually the first thing I ever started working on for the iPhone. Keep in mind the iPhone 3G had just come out, we didn’t have 3rd party apps yet and such, but EVERYTHING seemed cool. I would make an app or even just a screen and I’d have this a-ha moment. I miss that. I feel like I’m starting to get it back, but I need to work more to appreciate what I’m doing. I’m very good at it and I just need to realize that I am creating things using the tools and pieces available to me. The same way an artists creates a painting using watercolors or a construction worker creates a house using boards and nails.

Time to grab another pop, sit down in front of Xcode… and create.



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