My Bucket List

I haven’t written anything for a couple days, but I’ve been kicking around this idea of what I was going to write… A legitimate bucket list. You always see lists like “50 things you need to die before you die” or “30 things everyone should experience” but honestly… That doesn’t make sense. I have no desire to go sky-diving while someone jumping out of a plane may have no desire to visit London. So this is MY Bucket List. And not necessarily in a particular order.

  • Visit places – D.C., London and San Francisco in particular – And a vacation where the destination has nothing to do with the vacation
  • Be published – I was actually picked to write a technical book on iPhones once upon a time. It was scraped when another book of a similar idea completely flopped. I actually did enjoy it.
  • Sell an app – I don’t mean like make a sale in the App Store. I mean create an app that’s so great that another company looks at it and says “We need to buy this.” I mean, Nest just sold for billions so… There’s that.
  • Drive a Shelby Cobra – This is my favorite car of all-time. Driving any car designed by Shelby would be amazing, but the Cobra… That’s the holy grail.
  • Sit courtside at an NBA game – I’m talking Ari Gold style courtside.

I guess that’s my list. It’s short and sweet but there are a billion things I want to do. A lot of these things could happen this year, even. Even if I accomplish these, I’ll find more things to do. I don’t think I’m the type of person that would truly retire. Sure, I would stop working, but I’d volunteer and stay active, and if I’m being honest I don’t see that as retirement.


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