What a difference a year makes…

A year ago I was in the midst of the greatest weekend of my life. Unfortunately, I had no idea at the time that it was the greatest weekend of my life. My cousin, one of my best friends growing up, had just gotten married and I was having a bit of a “staycation” with my girlfriend. Staying in a wonderful hotel in the middle of the beautiful city of Minneapolis. The weather was nice and we would spend days exploring parks, lakes, the city, everything. It was so much less about what we were doing and more just about the idea that it was only us. No one else mattered or even seemed to exist. It was perfect.

As my cousin was celebrating her first anniversary yesterday, technically that weekend started a year ago last night. So what was I doing last night? I was waiting in a parking lot to exchange the puppy. I was excited about the the idea of getting Penny Lane, my favorite dog in the world. But I was also dwelling on the past. So of course, I was a complete wreck in my car. I tried to keep it together once my ex-girlfriend arrived but I couldn’t. I broke down again. Talk about polar opposites.

The point of me writing this is quite simple. It’s not to be “woe is me” or to gain sympathy. It’s for it to hopefully be a lesson for someone else. If you have someone you love – value every single second. Don’t just be happy you’re having a great weekend, act as though it may be the greatest weekend of your life. Don’t just give them your attention, give them your everything. Love is the greatest thing that any of us can do and someday I’ll be able to love again.

Please friends: Don’t forget to share yourself, share your love and be happy.


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